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MycoApply - A Natural Organic Magic


Food Security Is a Fact

The mycoapply is a real gamechanger. It changes everything we knew about plant growth enhancers, fertilizers and plant cultivation methods to this day. It is a completely organic product derived from a number of special fungi varieties which, in contact with water and plant seeds, before sowing, strengthen its future roots and give it super powers, just like that.

KEDAR GAP markets the product exclusively in Kenya and does so in the belief that even the smallest farmer, who owns a home plot, will enjoy the same technological level of the largest US farmers. When did we realize that we are rescuing farmers? The farmers who used our product (experimental and primary group only) on corn, wheat and tomato seeds reported surprising results, while their friends' fields were completely dry, their plants survived long days without water, sometimes over two weeks!
How? It turned out that the treated plant roots are several times the normal plant roots so that they can reach deeper water sources and thus survive longer.


Watch How Mycoapply is Changing Africa

For us, introducing the mycoapply product across Africa can help make the whole of Africa a true agricultural power. We are currently only talking about the small farmers, just think what will happen when cooperatives and huge-scale farmers in Kenya and Africa decide to use the supplement. Larger, healthier and much stronger crops.

International Experience
International Experience in Fighting Hunger
Community Driven Company
A Community Driven Company
End-to-end Project Management Expertise
End-to-end Project Management Expertise
Food Security News
Food Security News

How can we ensure that hunger in Africa is gone forever?

Training Is The Secret

IITA - International Institute of Tropical Agriculture TZ

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