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How can we ensure that hunger in Africa is gone forever?

The war on hunger in Africa has been going on for over sixty years. European and North American countries recovered from the world wars and resorted to treating the sick nurse, Africa.

Thousands of aid programs, hundreds of billions of dollars, millions of aid workers and tons of food and equipment have landed on the continent over the years but nothing has changed.

Today we know that it is a combination of actions and programs that together can stop the spread of the hunger problem. and hence the internal wars, health crises and the general lack of development that characterizes the African continent.

First, there is no one plan that can impact, national-scale food production programs, growing basic crops across vast areas can certainly change the situation, but, at the same time, programs that encourage small-scale farmers to produce food themselves, even over small areas but in technology Improved, they have to change the situation.

KEDAR G.A.P operates in several countries across East Africa with the aim of changing the existing situation, whether it is working with small scale farmers or establishing a national-level project.


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