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IITA - International Institute of Tropical Agriculture TZ

Mr. Yariv Kedar Chairman of KEDAR G.A.P has won numerous international awards for the invention of the food security model for small-scale, small-budget farmers.

Until the model and product range was invented, many agricultural companies chose not to deal with the issue at all, preferring to work with farmers with particularly large farms. The Advanced Farmers' Kit was invented with the understanding that most farmers do not have available water, most of the daytime electricity, and extensive land. The kit includes advanced greenhouse, Drip Irrigation equipment for use in greenhouses and open field, high-quality fertilizer and seed pack, the water tank gravity activated as well as full guidance.

Today, after a year from the start of the project, two more experimental systems have been set up in other parts of the country with the intention of examining their suitability for the area and climate conditions.


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