Yariv Kedar, Chairman

Yariv Kedar, a graduate of the Hebrew University's Faculty of Agriculture with a master's degree and agronomist, brings with him decades of agricultural knowledge, most of them in huge developing countries such as Brazil and Kenya. In the past, Yariv served as marketing director of international corporations such as Makhteshim Agan and Balton, which has been operating in African countries for decades. Today, Kedar serves as chair of the prominent agricultural project company across Africa.

Kedar is known primarily as the inventor of one of the most effective and sophisticated ways to combat poverty and hunger, The Farmer's Kit provides a simple and intelligent system for creating efficient and profitable agricultural activities. For the development of the system, he has received numerous awards including UN awards, awards from women's organizations for promoting women's empowerment in Africa as well as awards from government and private aid organizations.

Gideon Kedar, CEO

Gideon Kedar, Technion Graduate Water Engineer as well as an MBA from Tel Aviv University, has for the past 25 years been marketing advanced water systems in developing countries, managing marketing and sales divisions for agricultural projects and managing complex projects in African, Southeast Asian and North American countries.


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