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KEDAR G.A.P offers end to end solutions for the efficient management of water. From irrigation to auditing, KEDAR G.A.P together with its professional employees takes car for every part in your project, small or big, private or governmental. In the last 35 years we helped our clients to make sure every drop counts.



We believe that every farmer should be able to use advanced irrigation equipment. Not just simple irrigation pipes, but computerized irrigation systems, high-quality piping, modern maintenance technologies and, of course, whether you are a small-scale farmer or managing large areas, each of you must design his own irrigation systems professionally.

YARIV KEDAR, Chairman of the company is personally responsible for changing the growing method in East and West Africa after inventing the FARMERS KIT, a greenhouse and irrigation system that operates by gravity only and without the need for electricity.

Designing irrigation systems, rehabilitating existing irrigation systems and maintaining systems over time is our job. And we enjoy it every day like it was the first day of work.



In many places around the world, and especially in African countries, the problem of supplying water to settled areas lies in the inability to preserve and treat water that is above and below ground.

We at KEDAR GAP carry out particularly complex projects that include the construction of reservoirs, river diversion, the establishment of small and large dams, as well as the treatment of groundwater and their adaptation to agricultural uses.

We believe that nature has created a perfect environment for us and it is our mission to find the benefits of any environment, desert or rain-saturated area. Let us find the best way for you to utilize the water that you own in your area, to adapt the types of agricultural crops and the right farming methods, and together we will make you outstanding agricultural entrepreneurs.



Modern agriculture has traveled a great distance in the last twenty years. Advanced irrigation pipe manufacturing plants were set up around the world, irrigation computers became common and cheap and even energy production became available almost everywhere around the world.

We at KEDAR GAP believe that competitive price and quality products can be combined. Our irrigation experts do this through concentrated purchasing, careful planning and years of experience. Accompanying the independent farmer or professional farmer is based on a holistic view of all the challenges he faces. Seed quality, crop adaptation to soil type, marketing efforts and cash flow. We are not a company selling irrigation equipment but a company that helps you choose the best and most suitable irrigation and growing equipment.

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