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About Us

KEDAR G.A.P is a leading provider of sustainable food security projects, especially in underdeveloped areas and emerging markets.

Food security is a worldwide concern. KEDAR G.A.P's professional staff of engineers, irrigation experts, experienced agronomists, and professional mechanical teams are advancing effective strategies for better food security for the benefit of Africa's population, and other countries worldwide.

We bring over 35 years of expertise combined with the latest Israeli technology,  in establishing, developing and expediting mega agricultural, commercial, community and national projects, especially in the transformation of semi-arid and arid regions through excellent water infrastructures and water transportation systems.

In eastern Africa, KEDAR G.A.P has increased local agricultural produce and export sales through the management of farms with open-field irrigated crops and greenhouses with high-quality vegetables as well as efficient packing houses, cooling systems and post-harvest facilities.

KEDAR G.A.P has offices in Israel and Kenya, and a distribution network in more than 12 countries. We share knowledge and technologies with our partners worldwide, because we believe that sharing knowledge brings prosperity to humanity.

Key suppliers include New Holland, Netafim, Mycoapply, Syngenta, Pladot, Adama, Haifa Chemicals and Deshanim.

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