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Agricultural projects are a significant part of our activities. We carry out perfect projects from A to Z for governments, local authorities, social and semi-governmental organizations and for private sector companies and entrepreneurs.

Each and every one of them was looking for a professional company to set up a project in the field of agriculture, from the planning stage to the marketing stage of agricultural produce. A dependable agricultural company that manages the budget in a smart and transparent way, which is equally and professionally concerned with shareholders, the public or residents.

Planning an agricultural project is not a matter for the inexperienced, trainee or small company without the ability to manage medium and large projects. For us, there really is no difference between small farm project planning and national-scale project planning. The only difference is the manpower required to accomplish the task, all the rest, the seriousness, the creativity and the commitment, all the same.



Government TurnKey projects managed by private companies can sometimes be particularly problematic. The relationship between the state and a private company is more complex than that of another private company or private entrepreneurs.


Over the years, our employees and group managers have managed national projects in a variety of fields, including non-agricultural projects in various countries. For us, it is of the utmost importance to carry out projects that directly affect the community.

Our experience with the required standards, transparency in budget management, our reference to the local community with a place of genuine respect, appreciation, and sharing, make us the perfect partner of any government unit to carry out national food security and irrigation projects.



In many places around the world, and especially in African countries, the problem of supplying water to settled areas lies in the inability to preserve and treat water that is above and below ground.

We at KEDAR GAP carry out particularly complex projects that include the construction of reservoirs, river diversion, the establishment of small and large dams, as well as the treatment of groundwater and their adaptation to agricultural uses.

We believe that nature has created a perfect environment for us and it is our mission to find the benefits of any environment, desert or rain-saturated area. Let us find the best way for you to utilize the water that you own in your area, to adapt the types of agricultural crops and the right farming methods, and together we will make you outstanding agricultural entrepreneurs.



In order for a large-scale project to succeed, every organization must choose an experienced and recognized company that specializes in its field. Whether it is an agricultural project for a church, school network, university or hospital, they are all organizations whose expertise is not in the agricultural field.

We see the cumulative experience of company executives and employees as valuable, such that money can't buy either. Therefore, even when it comes to the execution of relatively small agricultural projects, or projects whose purpose is to supply equipment, we see the experience as decisive factor in the success of the project.

In previous projects we undertook for the Red Cross, Rotary, hospitals and schools, we learned about the importance of collaboration with all the organizations involved. Each is of critical importance to the success of the project, especially when it comes to an agricultural project that requires a great deal of attention as well as close maintenance.

Therefore, if you are an organization looking to build a meaningful and high-quality agricultural project, one that can change the lives of many and provide livelihoods and food for your community, KEDAR GAP is right here for you, providing you with its many years of experience and reliability.



We are just like you. Hungry entrepreneurs willing to invest our blood, sweat and tears from morning to night to get the perfect and best result. We see our work with the private agricultural sector as a great opportunity for the next generation of educated, hardworking and advanced farmers. Those who are not afraid of hard work.

In addition to working with professional farmers of all sizes, we work with landowners who want to make money from their land without understanding anything in agriculture.

You really don't need to know anything, just trust us, get regular and clear reports from the field, come to visit and see how your fields are growing, yielding and getting greener, and mostly becoming profitable.

If you want to get more out of the agricultural area you have, but are not sure which way to go, we are right here for you. A professional and experienced company working with large and small commercial corporations, an expert in agricultural land development, irrigation and crop planning, the establishment and operation of agricultural farms in almost every field, as well as marketing your agricultural produce inside and outside the country.

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