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Training is the secret

Close training is the key to advanced agriculture Africa has been used for decades in the experience of advanced agriculture development. At the beginning of the twentieth century, it was young Israel, a desert country with a failed agricultural system that was an experimental farm for agricultural farming methods, communities of a new type and also unusual irrigation practices.

But Africa is different and every part of it is also different. What have we tried? Almost everything, except for one thing, close and professional training.

Fifty years ago, innovative technology was imported into Africa, whether it was the growth in the use of new greenhouses or irrigation means, as well as the use of fertilizers, all worked well to the point where the guides left the area. Then, within a short period of time, all the work was destroyed, the equipment was abandoned, rusted and broke and all investment went down the drain. Training a new generation of African farmers, university graduates weren't that successful. The students graduated and found they had no where to work. They do not have the ability to establish a farm, they have no practical experience but only theoretical studies.

In our experience in several African countries, experience lasting more than fifteen years, we learned that as soon as a local farmer is allowed to use a close guide, even if remotely, even in a short weekly conversation, his economy is improving. The veteran or young farmer needs regular professional support, one that does not depend on the position of the consultant but only his professional knowledge. The various Facebook groups that help farmers like the DFK or others, are a great meeting place for farmers but also for professional guides.


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