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Mr. Agriculture


It's a KEDAR change

Rodgers Kirwa or Mr. Agriculture As everyone knows him, is considered one of the top three bloggers on the African continent talking about agriculture, especially when it comes to the effort to change the population ratio for the agriculture profession in general and for farmers in particular.

Hundreds of thousands of young people from around the world, from Africa, Asia, and North America are following his progress towards becoming a leading agricultural entrepreneur in Kenya, his birthplace.

Even before becoming a well-known influencer as he is today, we recognized his abilities, talents and motivation, and gave him our support . from a fresh university graduate living with his parents in a remote village, Mr. Agriculture became a real farmer. the Farmers kit greenhouse was installed in his parents' house, special seeds and agronomic training were given to him and he started his life project, while blogging his steps on twitter and Facebook, it was the world's first agricultural reality show, and it succeeded beyond everything we thought it will be.


Watch Mr.agriculture's change - It's a KEDAR change

Today, Mr. Agriculture runs a farm that includes a number of greenhouses, permanent and temporary workers, and a good distribution system for agricultural produce. We are proud of our Rodgers and wish to see him continue to climb to the top of the list of Africa's agricultural entrepreneurs.

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International Experience in Fighting Hunger
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A Community Driven Company
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End-to-end Project Management Expertise
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Food Security News

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