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Empowering women in Kenya


It's a KEDAR change

When examining the farms across Africa, women who operate them can be clearly discerned. They harvest the soil, pick seeds, care for plants and even market agricultural produce in the markets. The women in the agricultural sector in Kenya and in many of the countries in the region are a significant force capable of turning Africa into a powerful agricultural power.

We believe in women's power and have been working for many years to prepare it for intensive agricultural activities, Through professional agricultural information and a strong desire to succeed. Over the years, we have partnered with many organizations to set up small farms in orphanages across Kenya. The students receive professional agricultural training, grow their own produce, eat from it and even market it. We have been part of this important revolution and will continue to be one of the forces behind it.


Empowering women in Kilimo

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International Experience in Fighting Hunger
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End-to-end Project Management Expertise
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Food Security News

How can we ensure that hunger in Africa is gone forever?

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