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Women Empowerment Project in Mali

The project took place from 2022 up to 2023. It was located in the very harsh and security-wise, volatile area of Gao.

The objective of the project was to empower 4 women groups and community members. These were farmers using traditional farming methods. The purpose of the projects was to attain food security using modern farming technologies.

The groups were trained by Kedar GAP Agronomists engaging and training selected local agronomists for the coaching and sharing of knowledge, and transfer through the actual implementation of modern technologies in the fields.

The project introduced modern irrigation systems (sprinklers and drip systems) modern high-quality pumps, and net houses while using improved seed varieties and high-quality Agro inputs, proper agriculture practices, training, and intensive cultivation, to achieve the primary objective.

The impact seen after the first 2 seasons was impressive. From the same size plot area, with similar crops the farmer's income grew from about 1,100 US$ to around 3,050 US$. The knowledge transfer changed the farmer's approach and farming practices.


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