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Food security in the area of climate change- Yariv Kedar in KTN News

On Friday 28th January, "The Standard" media group FarmKenya breakfast form invited panalists from different leading parastatals, institutes in Kenya, to join a discussion regarding food security.

23% of Kenyans go to bed hungry, and some of them without food every night. How is the climat change impacting food security in the end of the day? Panel moderator, Noah Kipkemboi from KTN News discussion about tackle challanges, facing the agriculture sector and improving food security.

The Israel Ambassador, was invited to shed light about how the State of Israel dealt with its food security challenges from the time it was established as a nation. The Ambassador, H.E. Michael Lotem, offerd with much grace, Yariv Kedar, to participate in the standard media breakfast show panel.

Kedar, which is a senior agronomist understads the agricultural world in Africa and specifically Kenya, as well as the agricultural and the history of agriculture in Israel.

In the panel Kedar points up the Gaps between the actions of strenthening the farmers in Israels recent history, to those in Kenya today.

Senior agronomist Mr. Yariv Kedar is Live in KTN NEWS, representing the Israeli Embassy at the conference Farm Kenya Breakfast initiative.

Climate Change that has Affected Food Production and food security in Africa.

Senior Agronomist Yariv Kedar in Farm Kenya Breakfast form panel.


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