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Agro-voltaic Bamboo Structure- Southern Arava, Israel

In September 2022, the Arava Research Institute approached Kedar GAP with a challenge: finding environmentally friendly alternative materials for constructing an Agri-voltaic structure.

This request was part of a collaborative research project with the University of Arizona, aiming to explore sustainable solutions for agricultural structures.

With a shared commitment to environment and affordability, our joint mission was clear:

to develop an Agri-voltaic structure that marries ecological consciousness with cost-effectiveness.

After careful deliberation, we recognized Bamboo as a promising material for this endeavor.

Thus, together with the experienced engineer Shimon Reinich Eng. and Ran Lichtner the Bamboo expert, we came up with an innovative solution, with a pilot as our starting point.

We aim to expand and refine this initial prototype, envisioning a future series of similarly sustainable Agri-voltaic and other Bamboo structures.


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