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Kenya: Galana Kulalu


food security is a fact

A national irrigation project that is targeted at establishing a food secure nation, KEDAR GAP was the lead consultant involved in the pre-feasibility study of this flagship project in Kenya. Covering more than a million acres (dubbed as the Million Acre Irrigation Scheme), this project that spans through the semi-arid regions of the Tana River and Kilifi Counties, KEDAR GAP is also involved in the detailed design of the Model Farm and the detailed design of the Dam for the 100,000 Acre Pilot Farm.


The Galena Kulalu change

The project was completed and met the basic conditions for which it was launched, we proved that quality maize can be grown in a semi-arid area, with no clean water (the river is very muddy and not suitable for irrigation purposes), protected by 98% of pests and diseases and as much as four times yields per acre as known from across country statistics. Today the research farm has been turned over to the government that runs it on its own and grows maize there for the welfare of Kenyan residents.

International Experience
International Experience in Fighting Hunger
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A Community Driven Company
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End-to-end Project Management Expertise
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Food Security News

How can we ensure that hunger in Africa is gone forever?

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