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Changing people's lives project by project


Each of us can do something to change the existing situation, where people have no clean water and fresh, nutritious food. The change can be small, almost imperceptible. Or big, national wide or even an international scale change, but every change is change and as long as it is done for the sake of humanity, you will find us there.


We are an Israeli company that believes it can change for good the world we live in through knowledge, technology, and hard work, but mainly through full collaboration with people and communities.


For us, a successful project is one that the people who have been influenced by it, employees, customers, suppliers, and residents feel that they have chosen the best company to deliver the project while doing it in collaboration with the community.


large scale food security projects are at the forefront of international community action to stop the spread of the hunger crisis in developing countries.


Whether it is an open field project, a greenhouse project or a  drinking water infrastructure project, in each one of them we are aimed at training the local community in using it properly. it requires a lot of experience and uncompromising professionalism. We employ well-known professionals agronomists. prize-winning irrigation experts with years of experience in developing countries and using high technology in harsh conditions.


In every large-scale agricultural project we carry out, we combine extensive study programs in the field of irrigation, pest control and even marketing of agricultural produce to the students of the county, country or even school age pupils. it all comes from understanding that a successful agricultural project continues to succeed even after the managing company leaves the area.

Food Security News
Food Security News

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